Odessa cyclists showing colours



Dozens of cyclists arranged in groups having a promenade at sea? Are there more bikes than bikinis on the Hotel Nemo's...[CONTINUE]

Which passport passes?

While EU citizens enjoy the freedom of travelling within the Schengen Area, Third Country nationals have to apply for a visa before going to an EU member-state.[CONTINUE]

5 challenges that should be taken into account when setting out to the Danube delta in Vylkove

Per aspera ad astra, or travelling to the Danube delta - [CONTINUE]

Prospects for Ukraine

Stable or not, the ceasefire "Minsk II" has cleared the air around the conflict in Ukraine. Which is wrong, since the political problems in the region cannot be solved by stable ceasefire alone [CONTINUE]

Lada: Russian with immigrant background

“Lada”, along with the Trabant, is definitely the embodiment of the Eastern Bloc’s auto. [CONTINUE]

BAIKAL - Soviet Cola or Herbal Soda?


A legend says that the Baikal beverage was created as a counterpart to the "capitalist Cola" in the Soviet Union. [CONTINUE]

Fresh wind in Poland

Wind energy is considered to be a clean, safe and unlimited energy source... [CONTINUE]

Estonia – from the Soviet Union to the e-government

Hardly any other country has ever introduced as many digital procedures into its daily life as Estonia has [CONTINUE]

Challenging currency exchange

5 tips for the “multi-cultural” wallet [CONTINUE]

Ukrainian identities during the crisis


Most frequently, Ukraine is said to be a country split by two languages or by two power blocs... [CONTINUE]

Information war about the crisis in Ukraine


There rarely have been so many different opinions about a conflict as about the crisis in Ukraine... [CONTINUE]

Ban on selling alcohol at night


In the western-european world general conditions are relatively clear as far as timing is concerned... [CONTINUE]

Curd Snacks

According to one legend curd snacks were invented in the Soviet Union in search of an alternative to ice-cream [CONTINUE]


Why Minsk?

Whenever there is a need for ceasing fire or for some political solutions as for the conflict in Ukraine, Minsk seems to be the place... [CONTINUE]