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Feb 15, 2019, 08:48 ET





MOSCOW, Feb. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- There is the new Russian word that has been discovered: PROSTITE. It comes after SPUTNIK, PERESTROIKA, VODKA, SAMOVAR, BABUSHKA, NA ZDOROVIE.


Prostite means "sorry" or "forgive us" in Russian.


The new Russian-origin word to be appeared - PROSTITE

The new Russian-origin word to be appeared - PROSTITE



The new meme was created by the last soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and young Russian artist V. Ivanov in their collaborative art-work.


After the meeting with M. Gorbachev in the International University in Moscow in 2009, Ivanov asked the first and last USSR President if he could have his autograph, and maybe a drawing. Gorbachev smiled, signed the canvas and add cheerfully: "You do draw yourself! Your imagination should be enough!"


It was enough.


Firstly, it was just the canvas that was signed by Gorbachev in the bottom left corner: "M. Gorbachev / P USSR" [as President of the USSR]. Later that day, V. Ivanov had added the word "PROSTITE" [SORRY].


This object will be sold Feb 19, 2019 at the auction in Moscow (Lot 487. Art-provocation "Gorbachev. PROSTITE". [Gorbachev. Forgive Us]).


The art-object was made ten years ago, but this is the first time Ivanov's work is being exhibited and is for sale.


M. Gorbachev is a man who truly changed the world. Works by people with such great and ambiguous personality are known around the world, but such collaboration with the artist is something unheard of.


The work is contradictory. It's hard to understand what to be sorry for: collapse of the USSR or "70 years of murderous regime"?


"When you do something that might change other people's lives – do not forget to say PROSTITE," says 12auction Auction House.


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