Fresh Wind in Poland

Wind energy is considered to be a clean, safe and unlimited energy source.
However, one should not forget that this "unlimited" does not mean that certain wind forces constantly prevail.

As wind power plants take up relatively little space, expansion of the network can optimize the use of all "winds".

Poland seeks to such an expansion based on several offshore wind parks.
Even now Poland takes up the 14th place in the ranking of global wind energy promoters (in Europe- the 9th place). In this respect, Poland is also the only post-socialist country that enjoys its position in the top 20 of the wind power promoting countries (source: Global Wind Statistics 2014).

As a result of the law innovations of 2015 the competition criteria for energy projects in Poland have been tightened in terms of efficiency and quality.
Should there be any further extensive investments in off-shore wind parks despite new restrictions, Poland will definitely reach a higher status in the wind power ranking.

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