Curd Snacks – Chocolate Glazed Cottage Cheese Bars

According to one legend the curd snacks – cooled but not frozen – were invented in the Soviet Union in search of an alternative to ice-cream for those children having a cold.

Thereafter the ice-cream bar “Eskimo” which was so popular among children got its substitute filled with cottage cheese. The snacks were advertised as a “healthy alternative” (glazed with not always real chocolate), which caused debates especially in Hungary, which undoubtedly reminds of the (…) in Western Europe.

This battle would be won by the “socialist cottage cheese bars” anyway, as on average they contain much less fat and much more protein than their competitors from the West.

The “healthier”, about 5 cm long curds-competitors can be found in Eastern European supermarkets, with various flavours and fillings. All variations have a sweet-and-sour basis; as for the sugar content varies depending on the product and region. It’s worth trying.

Tips for tourists: you can buy a few small and cheap curds which is a perfect snack when there is no fridge at hand.


Region: Eastern Europe, partly Western Europe and Middle East


Hungarian: Túró Rudi; Russian творожный(глазированный) сырок; Estonian kohuke; Latvian biezpiena sieriņš; Lithuanian varškės sūrelis.

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