Ban on selling alcohol at night

In the western-european world general conditions are relatively clear as far as timing is concerned.

When supermarkets close down (which happens quite early in the evening), those willing to buy alcoholic beverages head out to gasoline stations.

In Russia the situation is different as supermarkets and other shops are allowed to sell alcohol only up to 10/11 pm.

If a shop happens to be open at night, the customer can easily buy meat and drink but is helpless when it comes to alcohol. A few years ago there was a distinction between “low” and “hard” liquors. This distinction later stepped down and is no longer relevant.

In the Baltic countries the authorities want to control alcoholism and issues connected by selling restrictions. Apparently, in all countries with a similar legislation there are businessmen who oppose such regulations.

One should probably think over this aspect and over all those things connected when heading out to the gasoline station to satisfy his demand for alcohol.

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